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Capturing God’s Heart
March 6, 2013

Capturing God’s Heart

“God will rejoice over you as a bridegroom rejoices over his bride.” – Isaiah 62:5

One of the great joys of ministry is being able to have a front row seat at weddings!


Young lives coming together with dreams for the future.

Innocent love displayed in its purest form.


From my vantage point, I get to watch the groom as he first lays eyes on his bride.


There is just something special about how a groom anticipates the arrival of his bride.

As the wedding begins, I get to witness her grand entrance from the same perspective as the groom.

But I don’t see it with the same eyes.


While I witness the beauty and grace of the young lady, the groom sees more...much more!


Beyond the dress, behind the make-up, past the flowers and all the decorations, the groom sees the one person God has chosen to be his partner in life.  That special someone meant to be his soul mate.


Sometimes confident but often scared, there is a glow about the young man that is hard to describe.

It leaves little doubt that the bride has captured the heart of the groom!


If I look carefully, I see the reflection of wonder in his eyes.

It’s the image of approval; of awe and amazement.

It is an “OMG (oh my gosh) moment” when a complete and vast array of emotions tells him that all will be okay and is signaled by an “Is this really happening to me?” moment.


Suddenly...his forced smile of fear turns to a soft and warm expression of “Wow!”


He forgets that he is all dressed up.  He forgets his proud dignity.

The sweat rings that have soaked his shirt are no longer important.

Thoughts of bailing out and running away are quickly removed.

Nervous feet give way to confidence.

Then an overwhelming emotion is broadcast through his tear-drenched eyes.

As she draws near...his mind focuses on only one thought:

“I’m the luckiest guy on the face of this earth!”


It is an image that is burned into the mind of the groom, and it will remain forever!


Thus is the feeling of Jesus.

In that moment he first sees us as we approach the altar of God, all thoughts of “was it worth it” will be diminished.

The pain of suffering will be removed.  There will be no remorse.  There will be no doubt.

As we draw closer we will see the glimmer in his eyes.  Still closer and we will hear the loud beat of his heart.

Watch as the expression of neutrality on his face turns into the smile of joy as he acknowledges your presence with ecstatic approval.


“Well done my good and faithful servant!”– Matthew 25:21


There you are...Dressed in fine linen.  Clothed in His grace.  Cleansed by His blood.

You have become the bride of Christ.


You have found your soul mate and Jesus has found his!

You, yes you...have captured God’s heart!


Your mind won’t understand that instant.  Your heart won’t grasp that feeling. 

Your eyes can’t visualize that moment.

Jesus will witness that day with eyes that you can’t comprehend.

But oh what a celebration it will be!


“Come close to God, and God will come close to you.”James 4:8


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